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For lighting around your home our light fixtures installation can bring out the ambiance and beauty you are looking for.

Whether it is recessed lighting or that spectacular crystal chandelier.RC
Electric will also install motion detectors, time clocks, occupancy sensors,
remote controls to any existing lighting as well.

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Ceiling Fans

Summers in Texas can get unbearably hot. Using the AC day in and day out
can put a strain on your system and increase your energy bills. This is where
ceiling fans come in. Ceiling fans can be a wonderful addition to any property,
offering several benefits from enhanced comfort to energy efficiency. RC
Electric can help you find and install the right fan for any room in your house.

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Outdoor lights

Outdoor landscape lighting can be a great upgrade to the outside of your
home. Not only will landscape lighting help your home look great but it can
make it safer too. Well-lit homes can scare away potential criminals and
discourage them from targeting your home.

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Electric Car Charger

Congratulations! You’ve purchased an electric car, which is a good thing for
the ecosystem and your wallet. When it comes to electric car charger
installation, we are the ones to turn to. Don’t risk working with an unproven,
and potentially subpar company for your charging needs. Don’t risk being
stranded in the middle of nowhere due to you losing significant charge.

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Code Installation & Repair

RC Electric offers repair and electrical services to ensure that your property is
up to standards so that you can get back to your life.
Avoid failures to comply with electrical codes by choosing RC Electric for your
electrical needs. RC Electric operates with integrity to supply clients with
services according to code standards to prevent future safety issues and

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Electrical Panel Replacement (breaker box)

Breaker boxes can get old and start to work inefficiently. Many residential
homes have older panels that aren’t able to keep up with the higher demands
for power by newer technology. Older breaker boxes can cause an
overloaded circuit. This can lead to serious safety hazards for you and your

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LED Lights

LED lighting has become very popular. LED lights operate at a lower cost,
look more appealing and have about a 25 times greater lifespan than
traditional bulbs. LED bulbs do tend to be a bit more costly upfront. But
because of their quality, longevity and energy efficiency LED lights are the
better pick in the long run. RC Electric can install new LED lights or upgrade
your existing lighting to last years to come.

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GFCI Installation

GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) outlets can stop electrical shocks in
wet locations such as bathrooms, kitchens and outdoor areas. Having a GFCI
can also prevent house fires caused by electrical outlets. RC Electric can
install or replace any existing device to bring you a safer home for your family.

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Whether it’s a new chandelier or an older chandelier you want installed,
repaired, moved or replaced. Let RC Electric provide you with the best
chandelier solutions in Austin and all surrounding areas. We guarantee that all
the work we perform will be up to current chandelier and lighting electrical
codes and that we will completely exceed your expectations.

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